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Kyle Fray and Joe Megginson sit around and talk about all the nerdy things they enjoy and recap events in comics, movies, television, science, and pop culture.

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Episode 41 - (1:13:12) 67.02 MB
Recap of the latest news, trailers, and reactions

Episode 40 - We're Back Bitch's - (1:01:34) 56.38 MB
Not burying the lead here. We're back and talking about movies, news, and anything else we can think of

Season Two, Episode Four - (1:28:33) 81.07 MB
Comic Con 2018!

Season Two, Episode 3 - (1:07:10) 61.5 MB
All aboard the Black Panther Hype Train

The Last Jedi Review - (1:06:15) 60.65 MB
Exactly what the title says. With a few theories at the end.

Season 2 Episode 2 - (1:04:25) 58.98 MB
This week, recap of the news, stranger things season 2, and Thor Ragnarok !

Season Two, Epiosde One - (1:13:26) 67.24 MB
We are back with a brand new season. This episode we break down all the latest news including Disney, DC, and the latest comic books news.

TV Superheroes Wrap Up - (37:10) 34.04 MB

Spiderman, Inhumans, Han Solo! - (34:08) 31.25 MB
Get your fix on the latest news

Episode 33 - (38:49) 35.55 MB
News News News

Episode 32 - (50:03) 45.83 MB
This week we break down the latest news in our geek world

Episode 31 - Long Live John Wick's Dog - (57:54) 53.01 MB
By now, you know what to expect..... Marvel and DC television are discussed. Some mention of John Wick, and Kyle has pictures of himself from Disney with a sweet windbreaker on.

30th Episode Spectacular - (1:01:40) 56.47 MB
Its our 30th Episode! The guys recap the podcast so far, talk about Rogue One, and take on the debate of who is the most powerful superhero.

Free for All! - (1:08:55) 63.11 MB
We're back!

comic con 2016! - (1:23:25) 76.38 MB
On this week's episode, we recap comic con 2016! Also talk about pokemon go and review Star Trek Beyond, The Secret lives of Pets, and Ghostbusters

Episode 27 - No use for a name - (1:00:50) 55.7 MB
This weeks news and Game of Thrones!

Episode 26 - (48:55) 44.79 MB

Episode 26 - (48:55) 44.79 MB

Episode 25 - Marvel Vs DC Civil War - (1:05:35) 60.06 MB
The latest news, show reactions and reactions to Civil War!

Episode 24 - (1:02:46) 57.46 MB
Recap of all the news in the past few weeks

Episode 23 Kyle V. Joe Dawn of the Podcast - (1:14:09) 67.9 MB
The guys review both Daredevil Season 2 and Batman V Superman.

Episode 22 Birthday Blowout! - (56:54) 52.11 MB
Civil war trailer, daredevil, Gaurdians of the Galaxy and more news and recaps are discussed. Plus this week is both Kyle and Joe's birthdays!

The man in the Iron Mask - (1:36:13) 88.09 MB
an hour and a half of two guys talking

Episode 21 -Back in Business - (1:04:25) 58.99 MB
Back from an extended Winter Break. Conversation includes Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and being very tired.

Episode 20 - Tis the Season for a Podcast - (1:04:25) 58.99 MB
We made it to the 20th episode! The guys talk about the recent trailer releases, a bit of Star Wars, geek news and fall tv show wrap ups

Thy Geekdom Con Part Two - (1:02:54) 57.59 MB
Second half of thy geekdom con coverage. Included is cosplay interviews.

Thy Geekdom Con Part One - (51:22) 47.04 MB
Con coverage plus interviews. Includes an interview with Our Wrecked Machine

Episode 17 The Fall Season is Upon Us - (1:08:28) 62.69 MB
The guys talk about fall shows and movies.

Episode 16 - (1:06:42) 61.07 MB
This week we talk Star Wars and The Flash

Episode 15 - We gave up on clever episode names - (1:14:40) 68.37 MB
The guys are back! This week they have a special in studio guest and make a big announcement. You won't want to miss this!

Episode 14.5 - (10:57) 10.03 MB
Joe brings you a mini episode to tide everyone over until a full episode is recorded next week!

Episode 14 Diggle's Costume Sucks - (1:02:10) 56.93 MB
Back from summer break! On this episode, Kyle tries to defend Fantastic 4. Joe airs his grievance for Fear the Walking Dead. Watson stops by to give his opinion on Batman V Superman.

Episode 13 Another Year Another Comic Con - (1:00:32) 55.43 MB
Back from a month hiatus!

Episode 12 - Jon's not Dead! - (1:02:41) 57.4 MB
Back from a few week hiatus to bring you all the things that you want to hear

Episode 11 - (1:04:16) 58.85 MB
2 weeks in a row! The latest news and rumors are discussed. A complaint about Game of Thrones, and summer movie previews.

Episode 10 Season Finale Fever! - (1:41:42) 93.12 MB
The guys talk about the season finales of the comic related shows. Also recaps of both A.C. and Philly Comic cons. Some secret wars and also lootcrate and nerdblock unboxing. 10th episode anniversary show!

Episode 9 - Age of Ultron - (52:27) 48.03 MB
We review Age of Ultron with our friend Jake.

Episode 8 - Marvel Makes Another Billion - (1:10:40) 64.7 MB
The weeks nerd stuff and our friend Jake sits in.

Episode 7 - The Podcast Awakens - (55:36) 50.91 MB
It's obvious from the title. We talk about the new Star Wars trailer.

Episode 7 - Slade Wilson, You Bastard!!!!! - (1:15:25) 69.05 MB
This week, the guys recap the events and news of the week. Also, a break down of the upcoming Oscars along with a nerdy take on who should win. Finally, the guys watch the latest episode of Arrow and break it down during the commercial breaks. #Arrow

Episode 5 part 2 - (39:11) 35.88 MB
Part two!

Episode 5 - The New Year - (50:54) 46.61 MB
First episode back for the new year.... a two part episode!

Don't Hack Me North Korea - (58:38) 53.69 MB
Back at it from a long break.....

Episode 3 - D.C. Strikes Back - (59:10) 54.17 MB
The guys recap NYCC and also talk about the recent D.C. movies announcement

Episode 2: A New Hope - (50:05) 45.86 MB
After a bit of a hiatus, the guys return to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, Baltimore Comic Con, and the shows and movies they are excited about this fall. Also, the age old question is asked to the listeners: Who would win in a fight? Superman or Goku?

Episode 1 Part 2 - (29:54) 27.38 MB
We continue our comic con conversation and Joe talks about his love of Mel Brooks